sweep diy 3d scanner kit

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Outdoor 3D scanning has been around for decades, but has traditionally been much too expensive for home use. This kit aims to put this powerful technology into the hands of makers that want to develop and experiment with consumer applications for long range 3D scanning.

Imagine being able to capture the dimensions of your home and yard in minutes, so you can plan your next renovation. What if that capability was fused with a quoting tool that your local home improvement store could use to get you the perfect amount of material for the job? These kinds of ideas and many more suddenly become possible with an affordable 3D scanner.

This kit is not a finished product, but an evolving community effort. It’s built for DIY enthusiast that want to get their hands dirty and try new things. This kit DOES NOT COME WITH A SWEEP SENSOR. You need to purchase it separately. You can find a complete parts list and downloadable 3D models if you want to put this kit together yourself here.

We invite all those who are interested to visit our forum community to contribute your ideas and suggestions for using and improving this technology.