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Best 3D Pen for Kids, Adults, and Professional Artists in 2023

3D pens have been used for years by professionals and kids alike. They are a great tool for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

The best 3D pen will be the one that is easy to use and provides the best quality prints. It also needs to be versatile so that it can do more than just make 3D drawings.

The 3d printing pen has been around for years but has recently seen a surge in popularity due to its versatility and ease of use. It can be used with plastic filament or paper, making it a great choice for both beginners and professionals looking for a versatile tool.

Everyone can use 3D pens. So that it can do more than just make 3D drawings.

A 3D pen is a great way to get started with 3D printing as a hobby or a low-cost alternative to a 3D printer. We picked the 7 best 3D pens for kids, adults, and professionals. in low, moderate, and high price ranges Let’s get started without future delay

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Over the years, 3D printing technology has advanced exponentially, but the price has come down considerably. Currently, a professional-grade 3D pen can cost as little as $50, and there are plenty of them available.

Therefore, we have crafted this best 3D pen buying guide to help you get the right product according to your requirements.

We’ve also listed a few things to consider while buying a 3D printing pen and what features hold more significance.

So, without wasting much time, let’s jump into the article straightaway!

Best 3D Pen Kids Adults Professionals 2020
Making Robot with 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing Pen

7 Best 3D Pens in 2023 – for Kids, Adults & Professionals

3D printing pens have become a popular tool for artists of all skill levels. They provide a way for artists to create their own 3D models and start printing them in plastic filament.

3D pen is one of the most popular tools in the world today, and it has been used by many people to create 3D prints. This is mostly because it’s very easy to use and allows people to create their own designs with no experience or knowledge in 3d modeling.

If you are looking for the best 3D Pen for yourself or someone you know, this article will help you find it!

#1. 3Doodler Create+ – Best 3D Pen for Professionals in 2023

3DOODLER CREATE – Best 3D Pen for Professionals
3Doodler Create+ is the best 3D Pen for 2023 that sits at a comfortable price point, has an easy-to-use design, and is a great performer as well.

3Doodler Create+ is one of the brands’ prized possession because the pen is easy-to-use for teenagers and adults too. The width is slender, and thus you can easily hold it like a regular pen without straining your fingers and wrist. It features a ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ extruding speed button, which are placed close to each other. Thus, you can quickly switch between the two speeds mode without moving your thumb very much.

3D Printer Type3D printing pen
Material CompatibilityPlastic
FeaturesSupports acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polylactide (PLA)

The top of this pen is rather busy and features a power port and cavity for inserting PLA or ABS filament. You also get indication LEDs that denotes heating mode, ready mode, PLA mode, and ABS mode through various color-coded LEDs. Before starting, you also need to set the filament mode, i.e., PLA or ABS/FLX, through the toggle switch at the top. This ensures the correct heating temperature within the pen or 1 Degree increments.

Once turned on, it takes around 1 minute for the 3Doodler Create+ to get sufficiently heated. As the indicator turns green and you’ve inserted the filament, you can start doodling, and is consequently regarded as the best 3D doodle pen. Its package does come with 3 sets of plastic refills with 25 pieces of different colors in each set. Thus, you don’t have to go scouting for new filaments for a few weeks, at least.

Features of – 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen for Teens, Adults & Creators

Built Quality & Design

The plastic-built quality is relatively decent but doesn’t justify its price. We think the finishing could have been better. However, the design is user-friendly, and the pen has apt width and height for easy use without any difficulties.

Ease of Use

The fast and slow extruding speed is ideal for all types of designing purposes. While the provided manual does help to get you started if you’re a complete beginner. The package also comes with tools to unclog stuck plastic within the pen’s body.

Provided Accessories

The 3Doodler Create+ offers a complete package within the box. Along with the pen, you get 3 sets of plastic filaments, a power charger, maintenance tools, and a beginner-friendly manual as well.

Additional Features

The brand also provides an interactive app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app consists of numerous tutorials for making your 3D pen usage fun.

Technical Specifications, Pros & Cons of – 3Doodler Create+ 3D printing pen

Tech Specifications Tech Specs

Model Name3Doodler Create+
Printer Type3D printing pen
Typepower adapter
Form Factorexternal
Build Materials Supportedacrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polylactide (PLA)
Product Dimensions4.45 x 3.15 x 10.79 inches
Product weight1 pounds
Our Recommended age14 years and up
ManufacturerWobbleWorks, Inc
WarrantyBrand Standard Warranty
  • Very sleek and comfortable design
  • Achieves operating temperature very quickly
  • A complete set of accessories are provided within the package
  • Lightweight thus can be used for a longer time
  • Slightly pricey compared to similar products
  • Finishing of the product could’ve been better

#2. MYNT3D Professional – Best 3D Pen for Designers

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
The MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen is the best 3D pen for professionals that require precise control over their designs without emptying or burning a hole in their pocket.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen is what you get if you’ve had a good experience with beginner-friendly 3D Pens. It offers you accurate controls over your extrusion speed and temperature that play a vital role in carefully creating 3D designs.

3D Printer Type3D printing pen
Material CompatibilityABS plastic filament
FeaturesCeramic, Plastic

It comes with an OLED screen that displays the material used and current temperature. Whereas, with the provided ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, you can set the temperature to your specific liking. The MYNT3D Professional Pen supports temperature between 140-230° C. Thus, you can use any type of thermoplastic material along with ABS and PLA. Plus, with a slider switch, you can set the extrusion speed anywhere between Fast and Slow, depending on your design for intricate detailing.

Design-wise, it looks like a TDS water tester yet is very comfortable to hold for longer periods. Plus, you don’t have to hold the extrusion button the whole time for uninterrupted flow of molten plastic. This indeed gives your thumb rest while offering precise control over your design.

Features of – MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Built Quality & Design

Compared to 3Doodler Create+, the MYNT3D Professional 3D pen has a very well chiseled design and rugged built quality. This ensures the pen will surely last a long time without any hiccups. Just like its name, the design looks professional, and you’d surely thank MYNT3D for making this pen with controls meant for preciseness.

Ease of Use

The MYNT3D Professional 3D Pen is geared more towards adults. However, teenagers that have experience with 3D pens will love the additional manual controls. Plus, by double-tapping the extrusion button, you get a continuous flow of molten plastic, thus preventing you from holding on to the button forever.

Speed Settings and Temperature Control

Manual controls are the backbone of this 3D pen, and they’re also very easy-to-use. With the provided slider, you can set your speed anywhere between slow and fast, and you can change the speed on-the-go as well. On the temperature front, you can set it anywhere between 140-230° C for using different types of thermoplastic materials.

Additional Features

It uses a meager power consumption of 10W. Thus, you can use the MYNT3D professional pen with your power bank with the provided USB cable.

Technical Specifications, Pros & Cons of – MYNT3D Professional 3D Pen

Tech Specifications Tech Specs

Model NameMYNT3D Professional
Plastic TypeABS/PLA compatible
Display TypeOLED
Output Power10 watts
Input Power5 volts
Included Components3D pen, manual, 3 rolls ABS filament, USB cord, AC adapter, nozzle replacement tools
Product Weight13.1 ounces
MaterialCeramic, Plastic
Age Range12 years & Up
Warranty1-year limited warranty
  • Offers precise controls over speed and temperature
  • Double tapping the extrusion button ensures continuous flow of molten plastic
  • Provided OLED screen displays the material used and current temperature
  • Replaceable nozzle
  • Priced appropriately considering the features and built quality, it offers
  • Extruding motor is very much audible in a quiet room
  • Nozzle gets extremely hot and hence is strictly recommended for adult use, and with care

#3. 3Doodler Start Essentials – A Good 3D Pen for Kids to start 3D Art from Home in 2023

3Doodler A Good 3D Pen for Kids who want to learn Great 3D Art from childhood
A toy-like design and bright color scheme will ensure that kids fall in love with the best 3D pen for kids that is completely safe-to-use for them with no hot parts. with this 3D Printing pen, your child can start 3D Art from home

Unlike other 3D pens that require the charger to be connected at all instances, the 3Doodler Start 3D pen does away with it by using a lithium-ion battery within the pen’s casing. Hence, your kid needs to just charge the pen and use it without the interference of a power cable.

3D Printer Type3D Pen Printer
Material CompatibilityMetal, Plastic Filaments
FeaturesThis is kid-safe 3D printing pen

With its propriety design, the 3Doodler Start comprises a cool-to-touch tip and specially designed PLA plastic that extrudes at a lower temperature. This guarantees complete safety for the kids and no worries for the parents as well. However, don’t expect to create complex designs using this pen due to its low-heat mechanism.

The Start’s ergonomic design also ascertains that it is easy-to-hold for kids ranging from 6-12 years of age. The Essentials package provides all the required accessories for your kid to start with 3D designing without buying anything extra.

Features of – 3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set for Children

Built Quality & Design

The pen’s casing is entirely plastic that helps to keep the price low, while its ergonomic design and width offers a firm grip. Its toy-like design will surely entice kids to use it every day.

Ease of Use

Very few controls are present on the pen. It has an on/Off switch, charging port, and extrusion button. Hence, kids will find it very convenient to use once getting accustomed to it. However, it’s strictly meant for kids 6+ years of age.

Safety Features

The 3Doodler Start is a rare 3D pen that does away with a hot nozzle. The nozzle area doesn’t heat up, and thereby it’s not a safety hazard for kids. Even the extruded molten plastic is cool, but it does take a bit more time to get hard.

Provided Accessories

An Essential pack is provided the 3Doodler 3D pen that offers 2 sets of special PLA plastic strands. Each pack contains 24 plastic strands of different colors. Alongside, you get a Doodle mat and a quick start guide to help your kid get accustomed to a kid-friendly design.

Technical Specifications, Pros & Cons of – 3Doodler Start Essentials pen for children

Tech Specifications Tech Specs

Brand Nane3Doodler
Model Name3Doodler Start Essentials
MaterialMetal, Plastic
STEM EducationSTEM + Design Thinking
School GradeElementary
Weight (lbs.)0.78
Learning & Exploration TypeScience
Art type3D Art
Connectivity1 x Micro B
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)10.2 x 8.8 x 2.8″
Package Contents3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen, 2 Color packs Plastic (total 48 Strands), Activity Guide (12 projects), Instruction manual, Micro USB Cable
Warranty1 year limited warranty from brand
  • The pen’s ergonomic design offers a good grip and is easy-to-hold for a longer time
  • The Essential pack provides all the required material to get started without buying anything aftermarket
  • Its nozzle is cool-to-touch; thus, parents can be tension-free
  • Can be used wirelessly by charging it in advance
  • The propriety PLA plastic hardens slowly. Thus connecting straight lines in the Z-axis can get tricky
  • Refill filaments are unreasonably overpriced

#4. MYNT3D Super 3D Pen – Good Value 3D Printing Pen in Affordable budget in 2023

MYNT3D Super 3D Pen - Good 3D Pen for all age groups (Adults)
If you want the performance of MYNT3D Professional 3D pen, but at a lower price, then the MYNT3D Super 3D pen is the right choice for you and the best 3D drawing pen under budget.

Compared to the previously mentioned MYNT3D Professional 3D pen, the Super 3D pen sits at an affordable price, though with slightly fewer features. However, you do get the ‘infinity’ slider for setting the speed of your choice from anywhere between fast and slow. On the contrary, the OLED display is replaced with indicator lights for displaying the pen’s ‘heating’ mode and ‘ready’ mode status.

3D Printer Type3D print pen
Material CompatibilityABS plastic
Featureslightweight, ergonomic stylus

The MYNT3D Super 3D pen still retains that TDS water tester design and is now available with a matte black color scheme with a hard plastic casing. This, however, doesn’t affect the performance of this pen, and you can still create complex and sturdy designs with this smartly priced 3D pen. It also offers the ability to be powered by a power bank and supports 1.75mm PLA and ABS plastic strands.

Features of – MYNT3D Super 3D Pen it is ABS and PLA Compatible

Built Quality & Design

It retains the built quality and design of its superior model, though at an affordable price. It will surely last a long time and can take a beating or two.


Even though it sits at a budget price point, you can extract performance similar to the MYNT3D Professional 3D pen. This allows you to make complex and robust designs that you’d be very proud of.

Speed Setting and Temperature Range

MYNT3D Super 3D pen offers the ‘Infinity’ Slider that allows you to set your desired speed anywhere between fast and slow. On the temperature range part, you’d need to keep a screwdriver handy to change it if you constantly switch from ABS to PLS plastic strands.

Provided Accessories

Along with the 3D pen and charger, the package only comes with 3 rolls of ABS plastic and an instruction manual. Though the refill pack is priced reasonably well to buy them aftermarket.

Technical Specifications, Pros & Cons of – MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

Tech Specifications Tech Specs

Brand NameMYNT3D
Model NameMYNT3D Super 3D Pen
Filament TypeABS/PLA/some specialty
Size1.75 mm
Temperature’s210 C for ABS, 190 C for PLA
No. of NozzleOnly One
Included Components3D pen, manual, 3 rolls ABS filament, USB cord, AC adapter, repair tools
Recommended Age GroupAll Age Groups
Warranty1 year limited warranty
  • Retains the double-tap continuous extrusion feature of its superior model
  • Can be used with a 10W power bank
  • ‘Infinity’ slider is a boon for having precise control over extrusion speed
  • Built quality is sturdy and will last a long time
  • The sealed ultrasonic nozzle is clog proof; thus, you can concentrate on your designs without any worry
  • Comes bundled with 3 rolls of ABS plastic
  • Turn your ordinary drawings into 3D Art Work
  • Temperature control is complicated and requires a screwdriver to switch between temperatures for PLA and ABS plastic

#5. MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen – Best Cheap 3D Pen for Beginners in 2023

MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen – Best Cheap 3D Pen for Beginners
MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen is the best 3D pen for beginners. It is geared towards people who are just starting out with 3D designing but don’t want the hassle or added price associated with 3D printing pens.

Even though MYNT3D has christened this product as Basic 3D pen, it doesn’t skimp on essential features that are crucial in a 3D printing pen. Compared to previous MYNT3D pens mentioned above, the Basic 3D pen has a casual design that is easy-to-hold for beginners.

3D Printer Type3D Pen
Material CompatibilityABS plastic
FeaturesSealed nozzle

For the low price, MYNT3D eliminates its ‘Infinite’ speed slider and opts for an economical 3-speed option, i.e., Slow, Medium, and Fast. It is good enough for rookie 3D pen users and will have an exact idea of their plastic filament’s loading speed. It supports only 2 plastic filaments now – ABS and PLA. You can toggle between them, and the Basic 3D pen will set the temperature according to the plastic filament used.

Multiple indicator LEDs are present that display the extrusion speed and filament type.

Features of – MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen inexpensive ABS and PLA that 3D printers use

Built Quality & Design

The MYNT3D Basic 3D pen is offered at a frugal price point; thus, the built quality and design is relatively standard. Though the thick top part makes it easier for new users to get accustomed to it.

Ease of Use

You get all the necessary features that are required in any 3D pen. Hence, you won’t find it lacking in any features compared to 3D pens from other brands. The ergonomic design also makes it easy-to-handle for a longer duration.

Speed Setting & Temperature Range

3-speed settings are offered with the Basic 3D pen viz. Slow, Medium, and Fast. This speed is good enough for all types of 3D printing projects. For the temperature range, it only supports ABS and PLS material and hence automatically sets the necessary temperature for ABS or PLS type filament.

Included Accessories

For the price, MYNT3D Basic 3D pen misses out on a wall adapter and only provides a USB power cable, along with ABS filament, manual, stand, along with the 3D pen. However, you can use a wall adapter or power bank that supports 2A current to get this 3D pen functioning.

Technical Specifications, pros & Cons of – MYNT3D Basic 3D Pen for starters

Tech Specifications Tech Specs

Brand NameMYNT3D
Model NameMYNT3D Basic 3D Pen
Filament TypeABS and PLA
No. of Nozzle1
Included Components3d pen, power cable, ABS filament, manual, stand [REQUIRES 2A USB AC ADAPTER]
Recommended forBeginners
Power supplyUSB
Warranty1 year limited warranty
  • Beginner-friendly design and functions
  • Adjustable feed speed for material.
  • Offers 3-speed settings
  • Doesn’t misses out on any crucial features or controls
  • The provided instruction manual is very detailed and helpful for newbies
  • The package doesn’t come with a wall adapter

#6. SCRIB3D Advanced 3D – Best 3D Pen for experienced 3D artists

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D – Best 3D Pen for experienced 3D artists
SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Pen is meant for experienced 3D pen users that offers several advanced features at an affordable price. Thus, we’d like to call it the best 3D pen for hobbyists.

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D pen breaks the monotone of this article that only features pens from 3Doodler and MYNT3D. Yet it stands toe-to-toe with the pro-oriented 3D printing pens from both the brands. For starters, it features an ergonomically curved design that makes it easy-to-hold for a longer time. While the dual-tone color scheme gives this 3D printing pen a more pleasant look.

3D Printer Type3D printing pen
Filament TypeABS, PLA
FeaturesHigh Temperature,
Low Temperature

On the performance front, it offers up to 8-speed control that allows precise control over filament extrusion. However, toggling between the speed settings can be cumbersome even for advanced users. A monochrome LCD screen is also provided that displays the current temperature; however, the screen is small enough and requires a closer look to read off of it.

Features of – SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing Pen for more experienced doodlers

Built Quality & Design

SCRIB3D offers a favorable built quality that is good enough to handle rough use. The dual-tone black-and-gray plastic casing with an ergonomic design completes this 3D printing pen’s overall look.

Ease of Use

It will take some time to get used to with this pen, even for professional users. Though it offers all the important features, using it can get cumbersome, at least for initial days.

Speed Setting & Temperature Range

You get 8-speed settings and temperature range from 160 to 230° C. Although toggling between the 8-speed setting can get clumsy and affect your workflow. The provided LCD too offers no indication of what extrusion speed the pen is set on.

Provided Accessories

SCRIB3D offers 3 PLA filaments of 5 meters each with the package. You also get a power adapter, a step-by-step manual, and a free stencil guide to quickly get started with the pen without buying anything aftermarket. Even the SCRIB3D branded PLA filaments are available at a lower price compared to its competitors.

Technical Specifications, Pros & Cons of – SCRIB3d’s Advanced 3D Pens

Tech Specifications Tech Specs

Brand NameSCRIB3D
Model NameSCRIB3D Advanced 3D
Filament TypeABS, PLA
Temperature RangeABS: 392-446°F (200-230°C), PLA: 320-410°F (160-210°C)
CompatibilityABS/PLA compatible
Warm Up Time2-3 Minutes
DisplayLCD Screen with LED Power & Temperature Indicator Lights
Automatic Sleep Timer5 Minutes of Inactivity
CertificationsFCC, CE and RoHS-certified
ControlsLCD display with buttons for loading & unloading and adjusting the temperature and speed
NozzleRemovable Ceramic Nozzle with Anti-Clogging Features
Power AdapterInput: 100-240V AC, 0.5A MAX, 50-60Hz. Output: +5V DC, 2A
Warranty1 year limited warranty
  • Offers a bunch of features that are useful for experienced 3D pen users
  • Can manually set temperature from 160 to 230° C
  • You get up to 8 different types of speed settings
  • Its ergonomic design makes it easy-to-hold for a longer period
  • The package comes with 15 meters of PLA filament, which is unmatchable compared to other 3D pens
  • Requires up to 3 minutes to get heated up completely
  • Not user-friendly and can take some time even for professionals to get used to with it
Best Alternative SCRIB3D 3D Pen

If you’re an experienced Doodler and looking for better alternative of SCRIB3D Advanced 3D pen then you should look at the Scribbler Duo – Best 3D Pen for Artists its Dual nozzle that work simultaneously – scribbler 3d pen

#7. 3Doodler Pro+ – Top 3D Pen Set for Adults & Pro Designers

3Doodler Pro – Top 3D Pen Set for Adults & for Creative Professionals
3Doodler Pro+ is possibly the holy grail of 3D printing pens that offers innumerable features and controls, and is strictly meant for professionals dabbling into commercial projects. its good Combo 3D Pen for adults

3Doodler Pro+ costs 5 times more compared to a regular 3D pen meant for professionals and maestros in the field of 3D printing. Suppose you want no delay between your ideation and creation. In that case, you should go with the 3Doodler Pro+ that works with plastic infused Wood, Copper, Bronze, Polycarbonate, and Nylon materials that are used in professional-grade 3D printing projects. This ensures faster heating and cooling of extruded filament, using which you can create your designs rapidly. Plus, the mentioned filaments are also included within the product’s package.

3D Printer Type3D printing Pen
Filament TypeWood, Nylon, Metal, ABS, PLA & Flexy
FeaturesInterchangeable Nozzle

You also get multiple replaceable nozzles within the package that makes your work more comfortable if you’re working for a longer period or with different materials. The extrusion system on 3Doodler Pro+ is highly advanced and comes with a variable fan that helps control the rate at which inserted filament hardens or cools down. The provided monochrome LCD screen displays the extrusion speed and current temperature.

Features of – 3Doodler PRO+ the best professional 3D Pen

Built Quality & Design

In our list of Best 3D Pens, the 3Doodler Pro+ has the best built quality of them all and is justified by its price close to $250. On the other hand, the design looks professional-grade, and all the features and control buttons are within your thumb’s reach.

Ease of Use

Since this 3D pen is strictly meant for specialists, it does have a learning curve. However, once used to, using this will be a breeze.

Speed Setting & Temperature Range

It offers multiple speed settings and a wide range of temperature settings. The temperature setting is useful for setting it according to the different types of material that this 3D pen supports.

Provided Accessories

The package comes with an exhaustive list of accessories that include the 3Doodler Pro+ 3D pen, along with Power Adapter, Mini Doodle pad, multiple nozzles, unblocking tools, 6 packs of unique filaments that include Copper, Wood, Nylon, Flexi, ABS, and PLA, and an incredibly detailed instruction manual.

Technical Specifications, Pros & Cons of – 3Doodler PRO+ the Premium 3D Printing Pen

Tech Specifications Tech Specs

Brand Name3Doodler
Model Name3Doodler PRO+
Compatibility3Doodler Create ABS, PLA, Flexy, Wood, Nylon and Metal Plastic Filaments
Temperature controls7 Temperatures controls
AgeAdults and Professionals
Warranty1 year limited warranty
  • The most featured-packed 3D pen in our list
  • It supports a wide range of materials, and the package comes included with it
  • The provided instruction manual is highly detailed and comprehensive
  • Multiple nozzle sets are provided with the 3Doodler Pro+
  • Ideal for using it in commercial projects
  • Will take a while for getting completely used to it
  • Exorbitant price compared to other 3D printing pens in our list

What is 3D Pen? is it Expensive or Cheap?

A 3D pen is an inexpensive, portable, and fun substitute for a 3D printer. The 3D pen looks like a regular pen, but it’s thicker and needs to be charged to work. You can do this with the built-in battery or the power adapter that comes with the pen.

It requires the same filaments used in 3D printers, i.e., 1.75mm thick ABS or PLA filament. Some of the best 3D printing pens also offer support for wood, copper, or flex-infused thermoplastics.

For cost comparison with 3D printers, a 3D pen like the MYNT3D Professional is geared towards experienced individuals in the field of 3D printing, yet it costs under $50.

How does a 3D Pen Works?

The workings of a 3D pen are very simple and cost-effective. A 3D pen consists of a heating element and a mechanism to push the thermoplastic filament forward; towards the heating element and outside the pen’s nozzle.

The filament, which is usually made of ABS or PLA, is then heated to the right temperature by the heating element. Molten plastic then comes out of the pen’s nozzle.

This molten plastic can only be shaped for a very short time before it cools and hardens into a stable 3D shape.

A 3D pen’s nozzle can get as hot as 230 °C and hence is not recommended for children or kids under the age of 12. However, many 3D pens are available, geared towards children with a cool-to-touch nozzle, and use special kinds of plastic filament that operate at a lower temperature.

Much like an ordinary glue gun, we already know or seen them before. The principle of how a 3D printer pen works is the same.

3D pens Artists, designers (fashion and home), educators, DIY fixers, hobbyists, makers, engineers, and others frequently use it.

4 Things to Consider before buying a Best 3D Pen in 2023

3D pens are simple devices that are offered in a closely knitted price range. Yet, the inclusion of features can differ from pen to pen and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Thus, this brief guide will help you look out for essential features to improve your 3D printing experience.

1. Design Factor

Unlike a regular pen, 3D pens can vary in terms of design and ergonomics. Certain pens have pretty straightforward designs. In contrast, others offer an ergonomic design to improve the pen’s grip and appeal.

However, it depends upon how you prefer holding the pen and make a choice accordingly. Incidentally, the pen’s weight also plays a vital role since you’ll use it for a longer time to design complex structures. Here, ergonomic pens weigh a slightly more compared to its non-ergonomic counterparts.

2. Speed Control

The speed at which a 3D pen extrudes plastic filament plays a very important role in the success of your 3D design. Beginner-oriented 3D pens offer up to 3-speed modes, i.e., Slow, Medium, and Fast. Whereas 3D pens meant for professionals can offer more than 8 types of speed control. MYNT3D’s 3D pens offer an ‘infinity’ slider for setting the extrusion speed as per your requirements.

Additionally, on the designing front, a faster speed creates thick lines because its intakes a large amount of plastic filament. In contrast, slower speed outputs thin lines due to slower extrusion speed.

3. Temperature Control

Most 3D pens support ABS and PLA filaments. They have buttons or controls on the pen to set the correct temperature according to the material used. However, you can manually set the high temperatures Or Low temperatures ot Exact temperature you want to set on many professional-grade 3D pens. Plus, they also offer the ability to use other types of thermoplastics that melt at different temperatures.

4. Additional features

Feature list is very limited when it comes to 3D pens; however, certain brands can offer a wee-bit screen that displays the temperature, material used, and speed mode. Whereas certain pens can run either run on battery or via a power bank, without the need of a wall adapter. While certain pens might come with a removable or replaceable nozzle for easy cleaning and speeding up your workflow.

Conclusion to Top 3D Pens

Hope this article was able to help you choose the Good 3D pen according to your budget and requirements. If you’re still confused, then the best pick for you would be the 3Doodler Create+ because of its uncomplicated design and an easy-to-use styling.

However, if you want full control over your 3D printing task and prefer manual adjustments without the added cost, then the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen would make the right companion.

FAQs About – Best 3D Printing Pen in 2023

What is the best 3D pen to buy?

Currently, the 3Doodler Create+ is the best 3D pen for you to buy in 2021 because of its easy-to-use design and simple controls. It is also suitable for teenagers and adults.

What is the best 3D pen for adults?

Specifically, for adults, who require a fair amount of manual and precise control, then the MYNT3D Professional 3D pen will be suitable. It allows you to set the exact temperature for your filament and offers the right amount of control over extrusion speed.

Is a 3D pen worth it?

If you want to get into the field of 3D printing, but a 3D printer feels a far cry. Then you should definitely opt for a 3D pen. It helps you understand the basics of 3D printing, and you’ll use the same filaments required for a 3D printer. Additionally, a 3D pen also helps make corrections to your 3D objects, printed through a 3D printer.

What is the best 3D filament?

There are two prominent and commonly available filaments – PLA and ABS. Both are cost-effective; however, PLA is made using corn starch and other vegetable-based; and is a biodegradable filament. Whereas ABS is made from toxic chemical composition and releases harmful fumes when heated. Hence, PLA is a better filament for your 3D pen.

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