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6 Best Important document organizers in 2023 (11X17 Paper size)

With the advent of digital media, the paper was ruled out of its fundamental job of spreading knowledge. In the yore, the paper was the only medium for people to communicate. But, with the introduction of digital means for communication, people ditched paper completely and we barely write letters today. We might not even find paperbacks in the near future as e-readers have already started to take on them.

However, the paper is perhaps the most reliable means when it comes to carrying information. The two factors that make the paper more reliable are, minimal risk of data loss (when well organized) and quicker referencing. And, when it comes to carrying the information along, you don’t have to worry about draining out the battery charge unlike in the case of a phone or a tablet.

Best Important document organizers in 2023 Specially for 11X17 Paper Size

11×17 Paper Organizers
11×17 Paper Organizers

Commercially, paper comes in different sizes ranging from Letter to the large 13×19 and beyond. However, the most commonly used one in engineering designs, architecture, and construction plots are the 11”x17” paper size. The 11×17 is most commonly called the tabloid, Ledger, or B-size. Because of the usability case, it has a good advantage over other formats. Printing on the 11×17 paper is not what every printer on the market can do. There are few wide-format 11×17 printers designed specifically to handle the tabloid paper sizes.

However, there are certain challenges that arise with using 11×17 paper sizes. As the 11×17 is a bit larger in size compared to most commonly used sizes like the A4 and Letter, organizing and carrying it can be a hefty task. This is where a good 11×17 paper organizer comes to your rescue. However, there are a number of such accessories available on the internet. In this post, we have recommended a few top 11×17 paper organizers.

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Must have office accessories for effectively organizing your 11×17 Document files

We have 6 ideas to organizer your 11X17 Paper Documents or 11X17 Printed Papers lets go Check on them without making any delay

#1. 11X17 Hanging File Folders

11×17 Hanging File Folders

Hanging file folders are an ideal option for organizing your 11×17 files. They are a special type of file folders with hook-like construction on either end of them. The hanging file folders are offered in different color options and designs. They are the safest and easiest choice you can make in organizing your files effectively.

Be it for client and employee records or coursework information in your office, you got to have a number of files lying around. If you don’t organize them well enough, there is a risk of losing your valuable information. Furthermore, sorting out your files can be really tough if they are not organized well.

NameHanging File Folders
Suitable forOffices
Size11×17 Paper
Material Plastic

As hanging file folders come in different colors, it will be wise to assign different colors to different file types. Moreover, each hanging file folder comes with a name tag that helps in identifying the files that are contained in it.

Arranging them and storing them is easy with additional carrying cases and filing cabinets. They can be more space-saving and are easy to carry file organizing solutions.

#2. 11X17 Sheet Protectors

11x17 sheet protectors For Folders

11×17 prints are hard to store as they are a little larger in size and they do not fit in easily in most file holders. Also, as the paper is much prone to losing printed content when exposed to moisture, it is very important that you protect your 11×17 prints from direct exposure to moisture. This is where the 11×17 sheet protectors come in handy.

The 11×17 sheet protectors are made out of a transparent plastic material. Your 11×17 prints or photos can be inserted inside to keep them safe. Most sheet protectors on the market come with holes punched on one of its edges. This lets them tuck comfortably in any folder. As they are made out of plastic, they can help in protecting your documents from accidental water splash or drizzle.

Name Sheet protectors
Suitable forHome & Office
Size 11X17 Document

#3. 11X17 File Folders

11x17 file folders

If you have got lesser files to organize, the 11×17 file folders are your candy. They come in different shapes and colors with a hardcover. They have an opening to safely insert your files. Most file folders on the market can help protect your files from moisture or accidental water splash. Also, they are available at a cheaper price which makes them an effective paper organization solution.

NameFile Folders
Suitable forHome & Office
SizeTabloid Papers (11X17)

#4. 11X17 Rolling File Carts

Rolling File Carts for 11x17 Paper size

If you have got a lot of files lying around your office, the rolling file carts are your go-to organizers. As they come equipped with wheels, they can move around easily. This will be helpful especially if your work demands you too often shift files here and there. You can also hang in 11×17 hanging file folders inside them.

The 11×17 rolling file carts are very advantageous especially if you are left with lesser space in your home or office. Sorting your files can be very easy with these rolling file carts. They are available for under 50 bucks online.

NameRolling File Carts
Suitable forOffice
Size11×17 Paper

#5. 11X17 File Storage Boxes

1×17 File Storage Boxes

If you have very important files like documents and stuff lying around your house, getting yourself a file storage box could be an ideal choice. The file storage boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Most of them are made of very good quality material that can protect your documents from damages from water and even acids. They are ideal for storing old photos that you don’t wish to lose.

NameFile Storage Boxes
Suitable for Home & Office

#6. 11X17 File Trays

11x17 File Trays

11×17 file trays are yet another effective way of organizing your 11×17 print outs. They are perhaps the cheapest 11×17 file organizer solutions available. You can find a decent 11×17 file tray under 20 bucks online. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose the one that best matches your environment.

NameFile Trays
Suitable ForHome & Office
Size11X17 Documents Papers
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