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Available March 2017

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what is sweep?

Sweep is a scanning LiDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price.

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LiDAR for every application

  • Robotics & UAVs

    Sweep is an ideal sensor for detecting and avoiding obstacles. Whether in the air or on land, robots need to understand their surroundings in order to navigate safely. The need for intelligent sensors becomes crytical when robotic vehicles are tasked with navigating near people or high value objects. Sweep provides long range and accurate range data to objects, even in noisy sunlit environments. By providing a full 360 degree field of view, Sweep presents an economical way to replace a host of other range sensors, while providing higher resolution and accurate data.



    Sweep on Drone
  • IoT / Security

    Sweep can be used to detect the quantity and location of people within a space. It's long range and wide field of view allow Sweep to monitor large spaces. By providing only a 2D scan of a room, Sweep helps reduce privacy concerns that cameras present. 

    By incorporating intelligent operating modes in Sweep you can output only the count and location of moving objects, which reduces the data bandwidth and processing time required by security hubs.


  • Surveying

    Surveying with scanning LiDAR has traditionally been very expensive. Sweep brings the ability to collect this vital data quickly and cheaply. With our 3D scanning add-on (currently in development), Sweep can create full spherical scans of environments. This has huge implications for those wanting to document 3D environments, like archaeologistsforensics specialists and 3D effect artists in the film industry.

    Sweep Surveying Applications
  • Education

    Sweep is a great learning tool. By providing a sensor that's affordable enough for students to purchase, Sweep opens the door for LiDAR to be used in a wide range of educational settings. Sweep can help teach the fundamentals of 3D mapping in the classroom, as well as help guide educational robots in competitions. We are making Sweep easy for students to start using quickly, by providing drivers and libraries for several of the most popular development platforms, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and National Instruments roboRIO.

    Scanse Sweep LiDAR Education

scanner specifications

  • The scanning capabilities of the Sweep allow you to adjust the rotation speed on the fly so you can slow it down for more detail, or speed it up for fast reaction times.

    • Range
    • Sample Rate
    • Field of View
      Field of View
    • Rotation Frequency
      Rotation Frequency
      Hertz (Adj.)
  • Sweep uses very little power to operate and can be used on any USB port.

    • UART TTL
      5V Tolerance
    • Connection
    • Source
      DC Source
      Volt DC
    • Consumption

Sweep Scanner


Available March 2017

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