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2023 Printable Calendar One Page with Holidays PDF, excel template

2023 printable calendar one page with holidays: Printable calendars are in demand as they are more convenient than paper calendars. People can print their calendars from anywhere they have internet access, so whether they are at home or at work, they can print them whenever they want

We are all aware of the value of time and our reliance on it. Keeping track of your time and planning your week will help you get better at managing your time, which will help you get more done. However, you don’t need an atomic clock to manage your time effectively; a simple calendar should do. We brought you the best printable one-page 2023 calendars for free.

You can use the one-page 2023 printable calendars here to make a planner that will help you stay on top of your life. But if you want to print on paper sizes larger than A4, you should use a large format printer.

Year 2023 Printable Calendar One Page Templates PDF

2023 Printable Calendar One Page with Holidays
2023 Printable Calendar One Page with Holidays

Planning everything in advance is recommended. Doing this will make sure that everything goes more smoothly and save you a lot of time that you would otherwise waste making decisions and setting priorities as you go. As they say, a fool with a plan is better than a genius without one.

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A blank calendar is a simple tool that can help you stay organized. We have provided many free printable calendars on this page. Anyone can freely download these single-page calendars, customize them to their needs, and print them in the size they need.

Each of us will have a different set of requirements. Keeping every possible need in mind, we have provided printable templates in different formats. The following are some of them:

2023 printable calendar one page with holidays

A holiday calendar with a list of public holidays is a lifesaver. It can help you avoid last-minute hassles, especially if you are an employee working for a firm. Besides, a calendar with holidays can also help you plan your vacations. These calendars contain the United States federal holidays and American national holidays. The following is the list of federal holidays and special days throughout 2023.

List of US Federal Holidays in 2023

In a year, the United States government declares eleven calendar dates as federal holidays. Federal government offices with non-essential functions will be closed during these dates. Employees will continue to receive their full salary during these periods.

Event NameEvent Date
New Year’s DayJanuary 1, Sunday
Martin Luther King Junior’s BirthdayMonday, January 16 (Third Monday in January)
George Washington’s BirthdayMonday, February 20 (Third Monday in February)
Memorial DayMonday, May 29 (The last Monday in May)
Juneteenth National Independence DayJune 19
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DayMonday, September 4 (First Monday in September)
Columbus DayMonday, October 9 (Second Monday in October)
Veterans DayNovember 11
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 23 (Fourth Thursday in November)
Christmas DayDecember 25
List of US Federal Holidays in 2023

Year 2023 Monthly Wise Calendars – Free Printable Calendar Templates

Now that you have decided to create a planner for yourself, it is advised that you start with a monthly calendar. We have given you a variety of free monthly calendars that you can print out. You can choose to get these printed; however, selecting a paper size larger than A4 is advised for better usability. You can also use the printable Calendar with Holidays template PDF files for any of the months in the given 12 months on a supported electronic device to use as a digital planner.

1. January 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

January is the month of hope and is also known for goals and resolutions. What better time than the new year to begin your monthly planner journey? Besides, January is the only month with two federal holidays. The following are the printable January 2023 calendar templates you can download today. You can download this printable monthly calendar as a PDF file or an image file.

2. February 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

Here comes the shortest month of the year. In a typical year, February only has 28 days, while in the case of a leap year, it will have 29 days. With Valentine’s Day approaching, February is also known as the most romantic month of the year. If you are looking for a single page glance calendar for February, you are in the right place. We have provided all that you need for free download.

3. Printable March 2023 Calendar Templates

March is the month of magic as it brings spring to the United States. Everything around me feels fresh and rejuvenating. It is the month of healing. International Women’s Day is also celebrated in March. It also marks the beginning of daylight saving time. The following are some printable March calendars with all the important dates.

4. April 2023 Calendar Templates Printable

April is the month of beauty, with sights of colorful flowers and green meadows everywhere. There are a plethora of holidays in April. April also holds great importance in American history. It was in April that the American Revolution first started; George Washington was inaugurated in April; and the great Titanic sank in April. The printable April month calendar for the year 2023 is provided below.

5. May 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

We’ve got a ton of free printable calendars for May. People who are interested can download them in different formats and have them printed on whatever size paper they want. The May 2023 calendar lists holidays, week numbers, and all the public and federal holidays in the United States.

6. June 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

June has a special place in the 2023 yearly calendar. It is the end of the school year in the United States. June also hosts the longest day of the entire year. It is so famous for weddings. June is considered auspicious for weddings, and many weddings happen in this month every year. Check out our printable June monthly calendar in PDF format here.

7. July 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

July is the month of freedom. The United States Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of July every year, marking the declaration of independence in 1776. We brought you the single- page monthly calendars for July and made them available for free download on our page. These calendar templates can be used for printing wall calendars or creating digital planners.

8. August 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

August is the eighth month in the Gregorian calendar and is named after the Roman emperor Augustus. It is when the hot summers tend to stall. You get to see a lot of watermelons everywhere, not to mention National Watermelon Day, celebrated annually on August 3. The two sun signs that rule August are Leo and Virgo. To commemorate the month’s splendor, you can print the August monthly calendar from this page.

9. September 2023 Printable Calendar Templates

September marks the start of autumn. You get to see a lot of dried leaves on the road. It is in September that the school calendar starts and the kids begin their schooling. Before the addition of January and February, September was the seventh month of the Roman calendar. This is where it got its name; in Latin, the word “septem” means seven. The sun signs for September are Virgo and Libra. One can easily download and print the September 2023 calendar from the below-provided templates.

10. Printable October 2023 Calendar Templates

In the early Roman calendar, the month of October used to be in the eighth position before the addition of January and February. In Latin, “octo” means eight, thus it is named October. During this month, one can experience autumn in its full swing, with bare trees everywhere. As a kid, I used to wait for October, as it brought a fun-filled Halloween week. Libra and Scorpio are the two sun signs associated with October. Download single page printable October calendars from here.

11. Printable November 2023 Calendar Templates

Besides Thanksgiving and Veterans Day, November is also packed with many other important dates. Daylight savings time ends in November. It also marks the beginning of winter. November is named after the Latin word “novem” which translates to “nine.” In the early Roman calendar, November used to be the ninth month. Scorpio and Sagittarius are the two zodiac signs associated with November. To get the November 2023 printable monthly calendar, click on one of the free calendar templates below and choose “download.”

12. Printable December 2023 Calendar Templates

December is the last month in the Gregorian calendar that we follow today. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about December are holidays and celebrations. December offers a handful of holidays, thanks to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Like most other months, December got its name from the Latin word “Decem,” which translates to “ten.. It was the tenth month in the early Roman calendar. Sagittarius and Capricorn are the two sun signs associated with December. The following are a few printable 2023 December calendar templates you can download today.

Free Printable Yearly Calendars 2023- Printable Annual Calendars/12 Months Calendars

A calendar is a chart consisting of systematically organized days, weeks, and months of any given year. However, this arrangement or division is different for different calendar formats. There are different types of calendars in existence; however, the most widely used calendar format in most parts of the world is the Gregorian calendar.

The Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. It is a modified version of the Julian calendar. The other calendars include the Sumerian Calendar, Egyptian Calendar, Mayan Calendar, Chinese Calendar, Babylonian Calendar, Greek Calendar, Persian Calendar, and Aztec Calendar, which are still in use in some parts of the world today.

Besides these, there are also calendars that are based on different religions. The Hindu calendar, Buddhist calendar, Christian calendar, Islamic calendar, and Jewish calendar are some of them. Surprisingly, the Gregorian calendar, which is widely used across various parts of the world, is based on Catholic principles.

Free Printable Glance Calendars – Printable Single Page Calendars

One-page glance calendars are an ideal choice for creating monthly planners. We have provided numerous printable glance calendar options on this page for free download. Besides, you can also find annual calendars and school calendars in different formats, including PDF, Excel, and Word.

These printable templates are free to download and can be customized to print on different paper sizes. You can also use these templates to create wall calendars and desk calendars for a decent calendar print.

FAQ – 2023 printable calendar one page free Template

Where can I download a free printable calendar in Word?

There are numerous free printable Word calendars available here. Besides Word, you can also download and print printable calendar templates in various other formats, including PDF and Excel. Please see our Printable Calendar article by clicking here.

Where can I download one page printable monthly calendar?

Please check our complete article, “Free 2023 Printable Calendar,” for a free printable monthly calendar for all 12 months with week numbers.

Can I find a blank calendar for customizing?

Explore our range of blank calendars on our Free 2023 Calendars page. Blank calendars let you customize them according to your needs. They are a good choice for creating weekly and monthly planners.

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