Sweep Visualizer BETA – v0.10.0 Released!

scanse Sweep Lidar 3d Scanner
Sweep Lidar 3D Scanner Device

Sweep Visualizer

Please make certain to download this updated version (v0.10.0) prior to utilizing your Sweep device. You can download at http://scanse.io/downloads

Notice: Be aware that there’s a known problem with the prior release (v0.9.0 published in November 2016) which resulted in the program to misrepresent itself up-to-date. In case you have previously set up the Sweep Visualizer, eliminate it and download the most recent version.

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Detailed Tutorial Guide on our Support Site

The”Service” section of this Scanse site offers detailed tutorials and documentation for using the Sweep Visualizer. Take a look: https://support.scanse.io/hc/en-us/sections/207173067-Sweep-Visualizer

For complete v0.10.0 publish notes, have a look at the subject about the neighborhood statements section here: http://community.scanse.io/t/release-sweep-visualizer-beta-v0-10-0-release-notes/162

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